Özen Kalıp Makine was founded in 2002 by company owner Ali Karabaş.
It was established as a private company in a 90m2 workshop in İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone to manufacture Cutting and Plastering Molds and special machinery.

In line with customer demands, we were initially producing Special Machines and Molds for the electricity sector.

At the point we have reached today, we have a facility where machining, plastic and vibratory assembly machines as well as cutting and plastering molds are produced for the heating, ventilation, furniture, defense industry valves and electricity sectors.

We always aim to offer innovative and superior solutions to our customers. For this reason, we produce high efficiency machines that reduce material and energy waste to a minimum, shorten the production time and increase the production amount per unit time.

We are in a position to make Special Machine Design and Manufacturing for each sector.

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