The Bursa Meeting of the Machinery Sector Starts on November 29

The Bursa Meeting of the Machinery Sector Starts on November 29

Bursa Meeting of the Machinery Sector to Start on November 29
“It targets a business volume of 250 million TL”

Bursa Industry Summit, which gathers Metal Processing Technologies, Sheet Metal Processing Technologies, Welding Technologies and Automation Fairs under one roof, will be held at Tüyap Bursa International Fair and Congress Center between 29 November – 2 December 2018. summit that brings together all stakeholders of Turkey’s machinery manufacturing industry, indicating the open door with the goal of more than 40 thousand visitors in the area of ​​40 thousand m2 in 7 halls Tüyap Bursa Fairs Inc. General Manager İlhan Ersözlü said, “While preparing to host business contacts, fairs will also be an effective trade platform for those who want to open up to new markets and increase their existing market shares. In this way, we expect to provide our country with a business volume of 250 million TL ”.

Tüyap Bursa Fair Organization Inc. and Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), in cooperation with Machine Tools Industrialists and Businessmen Association (TİAD) and Machine Manufacturers Association (MİB), T.C. Bursa Industry Summit, which will be held between November 29 and December 2, 2018 with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, KOSGEB and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, takes the first place in the agenda of industry professionals as it is a global meeting point where products developed using the latest technology will take place.

Steering the machinery industry; Bursa Industry Summit, which brings together all stakeholders of metal and sheet metal processing technologies and sub-industries, welding technologies and automation sectors, is being prepared with the participation of 352 companies and company representatives from 22 countries, in a 40 thousand m2 area consisting of 7 separate halls, with the target of more than 40 thousand visitors.

Industry 4.0 at the Fair

New generation software and hardware, one of the main components of Industry 4.0, which brings together information technologies and industrial activities, will be exhibited at the Bursa Industry Summit. With the summit where the latest technology innovation wonder products will take place, the pulse of the machinery industry will beat in Bursa for 4 days. Touching on the importance of Industry 4.0, which is defined as the definition of new generation industrialism, Tüyap Bursa Fuarcılık A.Ş. General Manager İlhan Ersözlü said, “With this concept, while production time, costs and the amount of energy needed for production decrease, production quantity and quality increase. We have been hosting a very successful summit in every sense for many years. The sales figures captured at the fairs are an indication that the Bursa Industry Summit, the importance of which we express at every opportunity, is among the most important brand fairs of the sector. The summit, which is one of the three biggest fairs of our country, continues on its way confidently by doubling its own strength. About 50 countries from abroad, dormitory

We will contribute to the economy of the country with the business connections that will take place at the fairs, which are expected to attract great interest from professional visitors organized from more than 40 industrial cities. ” said.

18 Thousand Foreign Buyers From More Than 80 Countries Came To Bursa

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, Bursa’s export-led growth target to provide the maximum benefit to the economy of Turkey said that at the beginning of the city. Burkay stated that Bursa’s exports gained momentum within the scope of the new generation fair organizations and UR-GE and Commercial Safari projects brought to the city under the leadership of BTSO and continued as follows: In the last 4 years, we brought 18 thousand foreign buyers from more than 80 countries to Bursa. Last year, the purchasing delegation program organized within the scope of the Industry Summit was recorded as the largest participation in the history of Bursa’s economy. This year, we aim to further the success we achieved last year. Our Industry Summit, the last fair organization of 2018 in our city, is an important organization that enables Bursa to introduce its power in strategic sectors to business professionals from all over the world. I believe that our fair, which grows with each passing year, will add great strength to our companies this year as well. ”

Bursa Industry Makes a Difference

Pınar Çeltikçi, General Secretary of the Machine Tools Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (TİAD), emphasized that they have represented the machine tools sector, which is the building block of production, which is referred to as “machinery producing machinery”, for 26 years, and emphasized that they support specialized fairs that strengthen the production industry. Çeltikçi, “His name is synonymous with Bursa industry, the leading sector and the productive capacity of the site is the lifeblood of Turkey. Bursa Industry Summit, which has a strategic importance among the specialization fairs, is the meeting point of companies that have achieved great success and branded in the global market, industrialists from Bursa and the sector. Bursa industry makes a difference not only in our country but also in the international arena with its structure that constantly develops and updates itself by following the changing technology in the world. Bursa Industry Summit is an excellent platform to strengthen and reveal this structure. As TİAD, we are the relevant follower of the industrial activities in Bursa for the continuity of this visionary industrial city identity.

Consumption Societies Are Doomed to Extinction

Noting that the Bursa Industry Summit is very important this year, as it was last year, Ahmet Özkayan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Machinery Manufacturers Association (MİB), said that domestic production is very important. Özkayan continued his words as follows: “As a country, we are going through a difficult economic period. Despite the negativities experienced, our industrialists, who take responsibility, continue to work and produce with all their strength. I think our sectors will recover in 2019. This process once again reveals how right we are about “domestic production”, which we have emphasized for years and expressed at every opportunity.

laid. Domestic production is very important! As long as there is no return to technology and products with high added value are not produced, foreign dependency is inevitable. Foreign-dependent societies are consumer societies and they are doomed to extinction. Apart from that, machine manufacturing industry data
Also, according to the data of the first nine months, it is estimated that the machinery industry will complete 2018 with 15.9 billion dollars in exports, 25 billion dollars in imports and 27 billion dollars in manufacturing.

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